Has It Seriously Been Almost A Month?

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It’s just hard to believe how quickly time flies by.  Especially when you have kids.  Why is it that time seems to go faster when you get older?  I mean, I can’t be the only one to have that thought, right?


Anyway, I figured I better hop online and get some content up for my site.  The kiddos are in bed, the dog has been walked, and my wife fell asleep watching some reality TV show (musta been real exciting!).  So, I find myself with a quiet house, a true rarity these days.


Things have been hectic to say the least.  Wedding season is in full swing now.  I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is going from shoot to shoot capturing some truly cherished moments.  I’m a true softie at heart and I still get a little choked up at weddings, even if I don’t personally know my clients.  I guess seeing the true expression of love and that gleam in the eyes of the happy couple takes me back to my own wedding day.


Nights have been filled with post-production video/photo editing and color correction.  I feel like I have a love/hate relationship with editing, but as any good photographer will tell you, editing is where the true magic of photography happens.


Editing doesn’t need to be a boring, mindless task.  I typically crank up some Hendrix (in my headphones, of course) and jam out while I mess with filters, contrast and brightness to name a few.  Some of my best work has been brought forth while immersing myself in Purple Haze and that’s not intended to be a pot reference for all you people residing in Colorado or Washington!


While it seems somewhat odd for me to go over my next topic (since I own professional-grade camera bodies and lenses), the iPhone has become so ubiquitous over the last several years that I feel some simple pointers can truly help the average person capture some amazing moments.


Without further ado I give you the top 10 iPhone photos tips (credit to Emil Pakarklis at iphonephotographyschool.com for coming up with such a concise list).


1. Keep your photos simple

Too much detail can be distracting and it is important to remember that all you need for a great photo is one interesting subject. Use empty space in the frame to draw more attention to your subject matter.



2. Take your picture from a low angle

Get creative and shoot from a lower perspective.  You don’t always need to pull out your phone and snap a pic from chest height.  Make things more interesting and give the viewer a new way to view the world.



3. Use shadows to your advantage

Shadows can be more interesting that the subject of your photos, especially when the sun it low.  Use the small windows of opportunity shortly after sunrise and before sunset to create stunning images.



4. Try photographing reflections

Reflections tend to inspire a feeling of wonder. Don’t limit yourself to the reflections found in water.  Glass, ice, or shiny cars and produce amazing reflections.  Don’t simply limit yourself to water.



5. Display depth in your photos

Put subjects in the foreground, middle ground, and background to give your pictures a three dimensional feel.  Capturing subjects in the three fields engages the viewer and draws them into your photo.



6. Align your subjects diagonally

Balance and harmony can both be created by aligning the most important subjects in a diagonal manner.



7. Get on the same level as your subject.

This is especially true when capturing pictures of children or pets.  When you get on the same level as your subject it’s almost as if there’s more detail in your shot.  Shooting from above makes your image look like a bird’s eye view.  Don’t be afraid to get low and close.



8. Take Silhouette Photos

A silhouette is a dark shape captured against a bright light.  Easy to achieve, silhouetting is one of the easiest iPhone photo techniques there is. Simply remember to shoot against the source of light.  Let your subject obscure the light source and let your phone do the rest.



9. Use symmetry

In photography terms, symmetry is when an object has identical halves.  To make symmetry even more obvious, place the symmetrical image in the middle of your frame.  Remember that you don’t always need to follow the rule of thirds.  Sometimes it’s best to break rules!



10. Add drama with available filters

There are many available apps for the iPhone that allow you to add various filters to your pictures to achieve dramatic effects. Snapseep, VSCO, and Enlight are three of the many that can be used to really make your images pop.

Photo App


Well, I hope you’ve found this post useful.  Shake things up a bit and use some of the techniques, especially if you feel that your iPhone photos are lacking something.  You’ve got an amazing piece of equipment in your pocket.  Don’t discount that fact based on size alone!


FYI, I’ll be visiting some friends in Montana in a few weeks.  I’ll have to post a couple snaps of my trip using some of the above iPhone strategies.


In the meantime, keep capturing those moments…