A Sad Day Remembered

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  by KMills

I was just sitting at my computer thinking about all the shoots that I have completed over my career as a professional photographer. I decided to flip through my Aperture album. Sometimes I like to reflect on my work. I guess you could say that it helps provide stimulation for my next project. I came …

Has It Seriously Been Almost A Month?

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It’s just hard to believe how quickly time flies by.  Especially when you have kids.  Why is it that time seems to go faster when you get older?  I mean, I can’t be the only one to have that thought, right?   Anyway, I figured I better hop online and get some content up for …

Hello There and Welcome!

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Hey there, I’m Kevin. I’m a professional photographer with too much time on my hands. Just wanted to drop a line and say hello. Sometimes I like to just get my thoughts down as a way of de-stressing my life. I’m kinda new to the whole blog thing, but I am going to give the …